Introduction to PRS-Neoloy Geocells

PRS Geocells™ is a breakthrough soil stabilization and reinforcement technology for civil engineering that improves the performance of standard construction materials and erosion control methods.

Geocells (cellular confinement systems) are 3D honeycomb mattresses formed by interconnected polymeric strips infilled with soil, aggregate or recycled material. The cellular confinement and forces acting on the cells strengthen the infill, retain soil in place and enhance drainage.

PRS innovated the basic geocell technology with Neoloy® – a novel polymeric alloy (NPA). The result is a stronger, more durable and more cost-effective geocell – PRS-Neoloy™.
PRS-Neoloy is a proven Tough-Cell® that optimizes solutions for geocell soil stabilization, geocell erosion control, and ground reinforcement projects. This site will show you why.