Access Mats – Geocell Solutions

Our customers called PRS-Neoloy geocell solutions
the “the future of matting”

While matting is a suitable solution in some cases, PRS-Neoloy™ Geocell reinforcement for access and haul roads is best for long access roads over weak subgrades, remote locations that entail high shipping costs, or in regions where marginal, locally available soils can be utilized for construction.

You also get high performance at a lower price per meter. PRS-Neoloy geocells stabilize soft subgrade soil, increase bearing capacity and reinforce road base layers for very heavy loads and access roads construction. Logistics and installation are simple:  Folded sections are opened on site and infilled with locally available soils.

Freight & Logistics Advantages:

  • 1 Pallet = ~100 linear meters of roadway x 4m wide (1 pallet = 300-500 m2)
  • Weight: 400 -550 m/pallet
  • 40’ container: ~15,000-21,000 m2
  • Coverage: suitable for construction of ~4 km road x 4m wide

Construction Speed & Installation Advantages:

  • Sections opened and installed on site with unskilled labor; no special training required
  • Scalable construction rate – more teams, faster construction.  Average construction rate for 1 team = ~2000 m2/day
  • Locally available soil (sand, low quality, poorly graded, etc.) used for structural infill and construction
  • Flexible road width – pre-manufactured at factory or adjusted on site

In terms of capital and design-life costs; PRS-Neoloy has a very positive cost-benefit analysis compared to other solutions. We have worked with Gazprom®, MEG Energy®, Eco-Petrol®, Pemex®, SunCor®, China National Petroleum Company CNPC), UK-MoD and Others.