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PRS-Neoloy creates a reinforced mattress with a beam effect with the unbounded base material. Compared to 2D geosynthetic products, such as geogrids and geotextiles, geocell confinement in three dimensions better minimizes the lateral movement of soil particles. This results in a higher locked-in confining stress and thus a higher modulus and more soil stabilization of the soil and reinforcement of infill materials.

Conventional ground stabilization solutions, such as subgrade soil replacement, chemical stabilizers, or thicker base layers either do not provide sufficient long-term reliability and strength for transportation engineering or entail higher costs and environmental impacts.

HDPE Geocells


Access Mats

HDPE GeocellsCompare stiffness, creep, strength, lifespan, dimensional stability, cost GeogridsCompare reinforcement zone, bearing capacity, infill material requirements Access MatsCompare logistics, price, placement, long-term stability, ride quality,