Erosion Control Blankets & Mats

Comparison with Natural Fiber Mats 

PRS-Neoloy is a more attractive, cost-effective and durable solution than short-term erosion control blankets, mats, rip-rap or gabion solutions, which require specific stone and complicated installation.

While some geocell erosion control blankets and natural fiber mats can be used for erosion control in certain cases, these do not have the tensile load bearing, lifespan or soil stabilization capabilities of PRS-Neoloy geocells.

The high long-term tensile reinforcement of the soil, enhanced drainage, and cell-soil-plant interaction of PRS-Neoloy provides downslope stability against sliding and erosional effects, from hydrodynamic and gravitational forces.

In addition, according to an environmental comparison of fiber crops (such as abaca, coir, jute and sisal) vs. synthetic fibers by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (Consultation on Natural Fibres, Rome, 2004), the report concluded that: “The environmental gain is usually due to a secondary effect, such as weight saving, and is not the result of the ‘green’ origin of the fibre.”  It has been noted that the decomposition of coir geotextiles can alter the Ph levels groundwater and local soil, and alter the soil’s capacity to support native plants sensitive to acidity.”

Although PRS-Neoloy is composed of polymers, these have the advantage of being non-degradable. They do not dissolve, decay or leach and will not contaminate the surrounding water or soil. PRS-Neoloy can be manufactured in various earth-tones to blend in with the surrounding soil type in slope and retaining applications, while on the other hand, proper installation, infill, and revegetation will ensure that the cells remain underground.