Research on geocell technology shows that the stiffness of the geocell material is a key factor. PRS developed an innovative high-strength novel polymeric alloy (NPA) for cellular confinement systems, called Neoloy®. Manufactured by patented processes, Neoloy has a high tensile strength, chemical stability and more resistance to creep, temperature extremes and oxidation than any other geocell.

With Neoloy inside PRS-Neoloy is the only high-modulus geocell suitable for long-term reliable performance under heavy loading conditions; featuring, for example, the following mechanisms:

  • Beam Effect creates a semi-rigid mattress from confined unbound granular material
  • Significant vertical stress reduction to the under-laying layers

PRS-Neoloy is available in several categories according to the application type. This optimizes the geocell cost-effectiveness by matching performance to the project-engineering requirements. In addition, Neoloy is a non-corrosive, inert engineering thermoplastic resistant to UV, high temperatures, and water. PRS-Neoloy with Neoloy maintains its engineering characteristics and geometry for the project lifespan.

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