Channels & Drainage

Reliable Channel Protection & Drainage System

Geocells are the most advanced 3D cover protection system against channel, stream and shoreline erosion caused by flowing water. PRS-Neoloy confinement™ enhances the performance of conventional erosion protection materials to provide a long-term durable solution. Less infill material is required and therefore project costs are much lower.

Armoring optimizes erosion protection to the slopes, berms, walls and channels of levees, utilizing grass (or other vegetation, lime stabilization), while optional hard armor(gravel, concrete) can be used in transition points between levees, flood walls, and other structures.Bank stabilization is maximized by the PRS-Neoloy protection layer combined with anchorage systems.

Channel Erosion Protection

Channel protection systems are divided into Erodible Channels – with soil/vegetation infill protection – and Non-erodible Channels – armored gravel or concrete infill protection. Infill type is determined by the channel geometry and hydraulic stresses.

Benefits of PRS-Neoloy Channel Protection

  • Combined Solutionscombinations of vegetated soil and hard armor surface treatments due to changes in the hydraulic, site and environmental conditions along the watercourse, optimize the cost-effectiveness.
  • Durabilityadvanced Neoloy alloy makes PRS-Neoloy is non-degradable and resistant to UV, weathering, extreme temperatures and water, which can affect concrete, steel and timber solutions.
  • Best Management Practice (BMP) – geocells are a recommended BMP by the US Army Corps of Engineers for levees regarding surface erosion, overtopping prevention and protection of levee crest and downstream slope.
  • Comparison with Gabions – PRS-Neoloy geocells are easier to install and can use local infill instead of large rocks and also enables the growth of natural stream/river vegetation.
  • Comparison with Turf Reinforcement Mats (TRM)– PRS-Neoloy provides stronger, more durable reinforcement and stabilization of a slope, levee or bank’s soil bearing capacity or erosion control blanket.

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