Earth Retaining Walls

Durable Geocell Retaining Walls

Earth retaining walls constructed from PRS-Neoloy™ geocells are strong, durable, green solutions for steep and unstable slopes, suitable for sharp grade changes, irregular topography, or lack of land.

PRS-Neoloy is well suited for earth retention walls due to the Neoloy® novel polymeric alloy material. Neoloy gives PRS-Neoloy long-term performance, dimensional stability in temperature extremes and environmental durability for reliable earth retention over time. Geocell Earth Retaining Walls

Gravity or reinforced walls from PRS-Neoloy geocells are structurally stable during construction, and even over soft subgrades. The system is flexible so it absorbs energy and has resistance to seismic activity or ground movements.

PRS-Neoloy is fast to construct, can utilize locally available but poor quality soil for infill, and is more cost-effective than other solutions, e.g., concrete, gabion walls and segmental retaining walls (SRW).


  • High strength and durability
  • Very fast installation and construction
  • Use of local granular material for infill
  • Meets strictest earthquake building codes with high-seismic reduction factor (0.3-0.4)