Geocell Geomembrane Protection

Reliable Containment of Water and Waste for Reservoirs and Landfills

The job of a geocell is to stabilize the slopes and berms of reservoirs and landfills while protecting the liners and Geocell geomembranes protection. The PRS-Neoloy™ geocell with Neoloy® inside provides the most durable, non-slip, long-term protection of water, liquids, and waste from damage to the water reservoir and landfill geomembranes protection.

PRS-Neoloy is non-degradable, resistant to salinity, acidity, and sewage as well to UV, oxidation and temperature extremes. It holds infill material in place and prevents mass movements by providing tensile reinforcement. It offers many advantages when used with hard armor protection of the geomembrane design, particularly concrete cover.

Geomembrane Protection


  • Cost-effective solution that reduces logistics, materials, and labor.
  • Enables steeper slopes and higher liners.
  • Flexible concrete slab tolerates ground movement and prevents cracking.
  • Concrete construction:
    • PRS-Neoloy functions as ready-made concrete forms reduces amount of concrete
    • Concrete casting is fast, efficient, and controlled – finish is uniform thickness.


  • Reservoirs, ponds.
  • Liquid waste containment ponds.
  • Sewage treatment ponds.
  • Solid waste landfills.
  • Mine site rehabilitation.

New Generation Durability

PRS-Neoloy is composed of a very durable novel polymeric alloy, called Neoloy. Neoloy mitigates environmental impacts, as it is resistant to chemicals, extreme temperatures, and water,  Therefore PRS-Neoloy is suitable for challenging environments such as mining, landfills or energy/pipeline projects, or in holding ponds for water and other liquids. Other construction materials, such as timber and steel, which although are easy to work with or very strong, are susceptible to short-term fatigue and deformation, particularly in liquid environments.

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