Gravel Roads (cellular confinement system)

Gravel Roads for Heavy Loads in Soft Soils in Remote Locations

Do you need to build an access road… for heavy loads in soft soils… in a remote location for logistics and aggregate supplies… and the climate is very extreme… and cost-effective…?

The Solution – A Tough Cell®

PRS-Neoloy™ cellular confinement system (geocells) is the solution for all of the above. PRS-Neoloy provides cost-effective soil confinement, stabilization, and reinforcement for unpaved, gravel road design, low volume roads. These Tough Cells from PRS offer high engineering performance, fast construction and low environmental impact, particularly in problematic soils, difficult locations and where aggregate resources are limited.

Made from the innovative Neoloy® novel polymeric alloy (Novel Polymeric Alloy), PRS-Neoloy is in a class of its own and outperforms any other HDPE geocell, geogrid or other soil stabilization solution for unbound, unpaved roads and gravel road construction. PRS-Neoloy for gravel roads is suitable for all types of applications, such as oil and gas exploration, mining and forestry, storage areas and parking lots, rural low-volume roads, and much more.

 PRS-Neoloy Advantages

  • Use local infill – strengthens local but lower quality granular soils for use as structural infill
  • Reduce layer thickness – high modulus reinforcement enables a reduction in layer thickness
  • Reliable performance – high dimensional stability and creep resistance prevent degradation and extend road life.
  • Easy deployment – logistics simple, deployment is easy and fast in all-weather conditions
  • Cost effective –  saves time, equipment, manpower and costs during construction, while lowering operating and maintenance costs over the project life cycle.
  • Green Construction – ability to use locally won materials for infill, lowers environmental footprint