The development of Neoloy® enables the use of geocells in soil/base reinforcement for heavy-duty roads, railways, and working platforms.

The Geology in PRS-Neoloy improves geocell stiffness, strength, and durability. This enables the replacement of high-quality aggregate base with lower modulus (lower cost) infill such as local soils and recycled materials with no degradation in performance. The use of reinforced subbase infill in the base layer of pavements is an ideal sustainable solution that reduces construction costs and project maintenance.

The following of the contribution of PRS-Neoloy geocells :

  • The high modulus improvement factor strengthens ‘marginal’ granular soils and recycled materials.
  • Replace high-quality base aggregate with locally available subbase quality infill.
  • Reduce required thickness of structural layers by as much as 50% at the same level of performance.
  • Build reliable roadways, highways, and embankments over weak subgrade and expansive clays
  • Competitive total cost is competitive due to reduced aggregate processing, hauling and earthworks and lower long-term maintenance costs.
  • Increased stiffness improves the pavement performance enabling higher traffic, heavier loading and an extended service life.

Additional Uses of PRS-Neoloy in road construction infrastructure projects:

  • Embankments
  • Roadside drainage trenches and culverts
  • Erosion control and slope protection
  • Flyover slopes
  • Earth retentions structures
  • Stream channel diversions

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