Slope Protection

PRS-Neoloy® is the best-available slope protection, sustainable solution for long-term erosion control and earth stabilization.

PRS-Neoloy is a soil confinement, slope protection matting, stabilization and reinforcement geocell solution that protect soil from surface erosion, unstable slopes and hydraulic forces.

The high long-term tensile reinforcement of the soil, enhanced drainage, and cell-soil-plant interaction of PRS-Neoloy provides downslope stability against sliding and erosional effects, from hydrodynamic and gravitational forces.

Geocell Slope Protection

PRS-Neoloy improves site ecology by enhancing water drainage and soil quality, and when integrated with revegetation schemes, improves the site, soil food web, and visual landscape. Drainage is provided by perforations in the cell walls, which limit hydrostatic buildup by improving drainage. This protects the soil by:

  • Preventing run-off and soil erosion
  • Preserving the soil structure
  • Enabling flow of water, nutrients and soil organisms

Neoloy® inside PRS-Neoloy is the most durable geocell slope protection construction available, with excellent dimensional stability and high resistance to UV, extreme temperatures, and weathering.

PRS-Neoloy – Geocell slope protection or stabilization solutions are also suitable for:

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