PRS-Neoloy reinforcement outperforms any other geocell, geogrid or conventional solutions. Compared to 2D geosynthetic products, such as geogrids and geotextiles, PRS-Neoloy stiff confinement operates in 3 dimensions and therefore better minimizes the lateral movement of soil particles. This creates a reinforced “mattress” from an unbound base material, resulting in a higher locked-in confining stress and thus a higher modulus of the layer.

GeogridGeogrids also specify an aggregate size for interlocking and cannot reinforce fine grain non-cohesive materials. PRS-Neoloy 3D confinement upgrades the modulus of inferior (fine-grained) fills to that of higher quality granular fill, suitable for structural infill.

As expected from a 3D shape, the fully and partially confined reinforcement zones of influence extend 40+ cm above and below the full height of the geocell walls; whereas the zone of influence of a 2D geogrid is much smaller (see illustration).