In recent years extensive studies and research have been conducted on the PRS-Neoloy™ cellular confinement system worldwide. This research has broadened our understanding of geocell reinforcement.

The Neoloy® innovative novel polymer alloy (NPA) was developed to create stiffer geocells and improve performance. Numerous lab tests, field tests and finite element studies were carried out to quantify the structural contribution of PRS-Neoloy geocells to pavement design. Experimental field trials evaluate geocell performance more realistically as geocells (with soil) are composites with a wide number of interdependent variables.

Recent published research and testing of high-modulus PRS-Neoloy geocell-reinforced bases show that these geocells improved strength and rigidity of flexible pavements as indicated by: increased modulus of structural layers, reduced stresses to the lower layers and decreased surface degradation.

The research and field testing have verified that the use of Neoloy based PRS-Neoloy geocells in a pavement structure allows: substantial reduction in the pavement thickness, significant reduction in the asphalt layer thickness, and use of inferior materials for structural infill.

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